Activities within the JWU First program include, but are not limited to:

  • Resource Bingo

  • Registration Parties with Academic Advisors

  • Hiking and Exploring the Rocky Mountains

  • Movie Theater outings

  • Colorado Rockies games, and more!



Transfer and Continuing Education (CE) Learner

JWU Denver offers a variety of programming specifically to help transfer and returning learners acclimate to campus, meet other students, and feel connected.  Learn more and sign up to get involved at orientation.

Commuter Student

Living off-campus during the first-year can sometimes feel like you are missing out on the many exciting things that happen on campus.  While large campus events are open to all JWU students, there are resources available specifically to help commuter students feel connected.  

First-Year Student and

Culinary and Baking and Pastry

The first year in the kitchen can be both an exciting and challenging time.  First-Year Initiatives teams up with multiple departments during the year to provide additional support to first year culinary and baking and pastry students.  From improving piping and knife skills to small group instruction with the chefs, there are plenty of fun opportunities to improve skills outside of the classroom.