Before Orientation

Complete your term start requirements by the "in good standing" deadline:

If you do not complete term start requirements, your housing and class assignments may be removed and holds will be placed on your account.


Students or Parents with Disabilities

Call 305-892-7026 to make the proper arrangements for assistance during Orientation.

During Orientation

You’ll get ready for class by completing check-in items like:

  • Getting your student ID

  • Setting up your email account

  • Getting familiar with jwuLink, our online student system

  • Finalizing work-study paperwork through Student Employment

  • Reviewing your class schedule via jwulink

  • Familiarizing yourself with campus transportation + directions

  • Purchasing textbooks and supplies at the JWU Bookstore

  • Submitting your parking permit (if bringing a car to campus)

What to Bring

  • Familiarize yourself with our campus’ dress and manners policy.
    Culinary students receive uniforms during Orientation. Arts & Sciences, Business, Hospitality and Technology majors must provide their own attire.

  • Living on campus? Residential Life can fill you in on what to bring.

  • If eligible for work study, check list of acceptable original documentation.

  • If parking a car on campus, check parking for list of needed documents.

  • Plan on budgeting $700-1,400 per year for books and supplies. This is not included in your tuition. Books and supplies are available in our bookstore. You can also see required books in jwuLink class schedules.

Students with disabilities requesting services must provide the Center for Academic Support with the required documentation. Please refer to the student handbook for more information.

Information Technology

The department of Information Technology (IT) is happy to welcome you to JWU! As a new student, we want to make it easy for you to get up and running. Check out the Student IT Information page for detailed information and instructions regarding your Wildcat email account/password, free and discounted software, discounted hardware, computer labs, printing, on-campus network/Wi-Fi, gaming, cable TV, mobile apps, and more. For other IT resources, please go to http://it.jwu.edu.

IT looks forward to helping your academic experience at JWU be a successful one.


Questions or concerns? 

Contact the JWU IT Service Desk:
Toll free: 866-JWU-HELP (866-598-4357); 401-598-4357
http://it.jwu.edu (chat/IM with IT!) 

Like JWU IT on Facebook and follow them on Twitter to stay updated with all things tech-related!