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Contact us should you have any questions or need help in your planning process. We understand that contacting us from outside of the United States can become quite expensive.

Feel free to contact us at 305-892-5388 or by via email: orientation.nmi@jwu.edu.

Emergency Telephone Numbers

  • International Student Services: 305-892-7554

  • International Admissions Office: 305-892-5329

  • Campus Safety & Security: 305-892-7011 (staffed 24/7)

  • Orientation team: 305-892-5388


ESL and international students admitted to Johnson & Wales University are encouraged to follow this schedule:

Fall  2019

Arrive, Residence Halls Open: September 4, 2019
International Student Orientation: September  5-6, 2019
Classes Begin: September 9, 2019

Winter  2019-2020

Arrive, Residence Halls Open: December 1, 2019
International Student Orientation: December 1, 2019
Classes Begin: December 2, 2019

Spring  2020

Arrive, Residence Halls Open: March, 2020
International Student Orientation: March 6, 2020
Classes Begin: March  9, 2020

Residence Hall Students 

Living on campus

If you plan on living in a residence hall, make sure to arrive on the day your residence hall opens (see above table).

To live in the residence hall, be sure you have completed the online housing application. Provided there are no health services or financial planning holds on your student account, you will be assigned a residence hall upon arrival.

If you arrive at the Fort Lauderdale International Airport/Miami International Airport, JWU staff will take you from the airport to the residence hall. Please note that bed sheets, blanket, and pillow are not provided.


The deadline for international students to complete ALL requirements is:

  • Fall 2019: July 12, 2019

  • Winter 2019: Nov 1, 2019

  • Spring 2020: January 31, 2020



As the start of your first JWU term quickly approaches, be sure you've completed all university administrative requirements to begin school. Administrative requirements are mandatory and must be fulfilled every term in order to start class. Students who do not complete the requirements will be unable to move directly into a residence hall.

In addition to the administrative requirements, there are other term start requirements that must be completed before classes start. These include printing your class schedule, getting your JWU Student ID Card and/or applying for a parking permit (if necessary).

Please fax your travel form to the International Admissions Office at 305-892-5329 to ensure airport pick up, or email it to Tasmaine.Coleman@jwu.edu.


International Student Services (ISS) 

You must maintain current and complete documentation with lSS. Please visit ISS to ensure you have all of your documents on file. And remember to bring:

  • Visa, Passport, 120

  • Proof of tuition payment (copy of receipt, copy of check, or copy of wire transfer receipt)

Student Financial Services (SFS)

 In order to start classes, you must clear all financial requirements by the deadlines listed at the top of this page.

If there is a "hold" on your record, you will not be able to attend class or move on campus.

At SFS, you can meet with a Financial Planner to discuss payment options. Prior to starting class, a payment must be submitted:

  • Pay your entire term balance or year's balance, or ...

  • Establish a monthly payment plan with TMS (Tuition Management System) or ...

  • Establish an approved payment plan with SFS

For more information, visit Student Financial Services or call 305-892-7006.

Participate in Course Registration 

Upon receipt of your reservation fee, Student Academic Services will register classes for new freshman, transfer and ESL students for their first term of enrollment.

Health Services Requirements 

All health services requirements must be completed by the deadlines listed at the top of this page.

Forms can be found in your Accepted Student Guide, and must be completed in English and signed by a physician.

Dress and Manners 

JWU's North Miami Campus adheres to a dress and manners policy. Culinary and baking & pastry majors will be issued uniforms by the bookstore during Orientation. Arts & Sciences and Management majors must provide their own attire.

 TOEFL Students 

As an international student at Johnson & Wales, you have different options to demonstrate your English language proficiency level:

  • Prior to enrolling at the University, you can choose to take the Internet-based Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the IELTS in your home country; and if you pass with a minimum score of 80 on the Internet-based TOEFL or 6.5 on the IELTS, you can enroll directly into a JWU degree program. To find IBT TOEFL test centers near you, visit www.ets.org. For IELTS test centers, visit www.ielts.org.

  • If you do not have the minimum TOEFL or IELTS score requirement or choose not to submit the TOEFL, you will be placed in our English Language Institute prior to beginning your degree program. Our classes in English as a Second Language (ESL) allow for the easiest cultural and academic transition and will prepare you to succeed in your degree program.

ESL Placement Exam 

If you did not submit an official TOEFL exam or have not met the TOEFL score requirements, you will be registered for our English as a Second Language (ESL) program. You'll be registered for Beginner Level ESL classes pending results of the ESL Placement Exam.


The ESL Placement Exam will be taken only once:

  • Fall 2018 term start: Aug 29, 2018

  • Winter 2018 terms start: Nov 25, 2018

  • Spring 2019 term start: Mar 1, 2019

If you obtain a qualifying ESL Placement test score, you'll have the opportunity to take the Institutional TOEFL Exam on:

  • Fall 2018 term start: Aug 29, 2018

  • Winter 2018 term start: Nov 25, 2018

  • Spring 2019 term start: Mar 1, 2019

Plan to arrive well in advance, to be rested and able to take the ESL placement test.

Living on campus creates a world of opportunities for you. Not only do you meet new people and experience a new environment, you get the chance to become involved within JWU as well as the surrounding community. From participating in fun and educational activities, to community service, to leadership opportunities, on-campus living can shape your college career and enhance your personal and professional growth.

Read on to learn about your residence hall options, cost, amenities, and the many benefits which await you.

Why Should You Live On Campus? 

Live close to everything. Living on campus means you won’t sit in traffic wondering if you’ll make it to class on time; which means more hours of sleep or time to do what you want to do. And the residence halls are often a quick walk or short bus ride to classes, dining halls, recreation areas, on-campus jobs, local restaurants, shops, and more! Your amenities are included with your on-campus housing: high speed internet connection, cable TV, electricity, heat and water. Eating in the dining halls is also included. 

Activities, Events & Leadership Opportunities 

With a variety of clubs, organizations and athletics, there’s always something going on. Want to get involved? You can get involved in your own residence hall. Each residence hall has a hall council and dedicated staff which offer exciting programs and events in your hall every month.

Friendships Abound 

Many residents make life-long friends living in the residence halls. The support network, which often develops in your living environment, enhances your college experience and contributes to your academic success. Becoming a member of the campus community helps you gain valuable experience essential to today’s diverse workplace.

Want Options? 

We’ve got options. Double? Suite-style? With a choice of building and room type, special living communities and price ranges, where else would you find so many options in one place?

Academic Success 

Here are some statistics: Those who live on campus have a 10-15% better chance of doing well in college. Studies have shown residence hall students may: Earn higher grades, take more credits, and be more likely to graduate.

We’re here to help. Each hall is staffed by a full-time professional Resident Director along with a team of highly trained Resident Assistants who are students just like you. Together these in-hall staff members assist you with your transition to college life.

Off Campus Students

Students seeking to live off campus are recommended to arrive no earlier than 3 days before the start of each term. Off-campus students will be transported to the Best Western Windsor Inn upon arrival.


In order to start classes, you must clear all financial requirements by: 

  • Fall 2018 term starts: July 13, 2018

  • Winter 2018 term starts: Nov 2, 2018

  • Spring 2019 term starts: Feb 1, 2019

If there is a "hold" on your record, you will not be able to attend class or move on campus.

At Student Financial Services (SFS), you can meet with a Financial Planner to discuss payment options. Prior to starting class, a payment must be submitted:

  • Pay your entire term balance or year's balance or

  • Establish a monthly payment plan with TMS (Tuition Management Systems: www.afford.com) or

  • Establish an approved payment plan with SFS

For more information, visit Student Financial Services or call 305-892-7006.

What are my payment options as an international student? 

You are responsible for paying all charges in full or making appropriate arrangements by the due date stated on the invoice.  

Annual Payments

Billing for tuition and fees is done on a term basis, although you may make one payment in full for the entire academic year.

Term Payments

You may choose, instead, to make three payments a year, which are payable by the publicized due date established prior to each term.

Monthly Payments

A monthly payment plan is available. Pay the first month's payment to TMS (Tuition Management System), the monthly payment plan company, at www.afford.com. TMS does require an application fee, $65, along with first monthly payment.

Who can discuss my payment options with me?

Your Student Financial Services representative can discuss your options prior to your arrival, but you MUST make a payment or have your loan approved that will pay the university directly, in lieu of a payment, to enroll for the term.

Our staff will work with you to find a payment plan that fits your family's budget and help make Johnson & Wales affordable for you. Contact SFS at 305-892-7006, fax 305-892-7555, or email.

How do I make a term or annual tuition payment?

Your payment can be made through one of the following options. Please do not mail cash.

  1. Issue a check or bank draft payable to "Johnson & Wales University" (in U.S. currency). Please be sure that your name and Student ID number are noted on the check. Payment can be Express mailed to:

    • Johnson & Wales University
      Student Academic and Financial Services
      1701 NE 127th Street
      North Miami, FL 33181
      Phone 866-JWU-FLORIDA (866-598-3567) or 305-892-7006
      Fax 305-892-7555

  2. Make a Term or Annual payment via credit card or checking account by telephone, by calling the TMS at 401-921-3999 and let them know that you want to make a "one-time" payment.

  3. Wire transfer your Term or Annual tuition payment, by going to your bank and providing them with the following information:

    • The Washington Trust Co.
      23 Broad Street, Westerly, Rhode Island 02891 USA
      SWIFF Code: WATCUS31
      Beneficiary ABA: 011500858
      Account #: 93380170
      Account Name: Johnson & Wales University, Student Name and Student ID#
      Beneficiary Full Address: 8 Abbot Place Park, Providence, Rhode Island, 02903

Note: It is strongly recommended that you make your tuition payment prior to your payment due date. This will help avoid a hold being placed on your student account allow you to move on campus when you arrive (if applicable) and not delay your class registration. When paying your tuition payment by wire transfer, please fax a copy of your wire transfer receipt to the Office of Students Accounts at 305-892-7555. Also, be sure to bring a copy of your tuition payment receipt to campus when you arrive.

Dear Parents:

Congratulations on the acceptance of your son or daughter to Johnson & Wales University.

By choosing to study in the United States, your child will join a community of students and scholars from around the world who study and live in the United States. The international community consists of more than half a million students, making the United States host to the largest number of international students of all countries in the world.

At Johnson & Wales, almost over 1700 international students have selected to study with us. The North Miami campus of Johnson & Wales is home to almost 200 international students.

For most international students and their parents, preparation for study in the United States has involved hard work and sacrifice. At Johnson & Wales University, we understand your commitment and thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education. We set our standards high, expect the best, and believe our students deserve no less.

As your son or daughter embarks on this new adventure, like all parents, you may have some uncertainty, along with excitement about your child’s international experience. We want to make sure the transition to Johnson & Wales University is as smooth as possible; we are here to assist and support both of you in planning for this experience.

Below is important information that will help guide you and your child, beginning with a safe arrival at Johnson & Wales University. If you have any questions, please contact Tasmaine.Coleman@jwu.edu or call the International Admissions Office at 305-892-5329.

Your support, enthusiasm, and guidance are important for your child’s success. By studying in America, your child has chosen to further enrich his or her own life. We hope your son or daughter will use what is learned through this international experience to also enrich the lives of others, beginning with you.

Roxanne Vogel
Director, New Student Orientation & Campus Events

The I-20 Form

Your child is being admitted to the United States to attend the school that issued his/her I-20 form, Johnson & Wales University. Using an initial I-20 from one school to gain admission to the United States to attend another school is violation of U.S. immigration law. Students must attend the institution that furnished the I-20 Form for at least one semester before attempting to transfer elsewhere.


Reservation Fee

All students are requested to submit their $300 reservation fee online. The reservation fee reserves a student’s residence hall space for those choosing to live in the residence hall. In addition, the receipt of the reservation fee will hold a student’s place in class allow them to complete the on campus housing application (if applicable), generate a class schedule give them access to jwuLink and activate their JWU email.


Medical Forms

It is very important for all students to complete the medical form prior to arriving at Johnson & Wales University. Completing the immunizations in your home country will be less expensive than in the U.S. The medical form is enclosed in the Student Acceptance Guide and must be complete in English and signed by a physician.


Health Insurance

All registered, undergraduate day students, both domestic and international, all students enrolled in the physician assistant degree program and all international graduate and doctoral students attending Johnson & Wales University are required to have health insurance coverage that is accepted in the United States. If students have health insurance coverage through another means (i.e., parent’s health insurance or an employer program) they do not have to enroll in the Johnson & Wales student health insurance plan. They can opt out of/waive the university plan by submitting the online waiver form to demonstrate evidence of coverage. A new waiver form must be submitted each academic year. Students who are required to have health insurance and do not waive the Johnson & Wales University plan will be charged for it. The online waiver form and details of the plan, including the full brochure and benefit flyer, can be found on the Student Health Insurance Plan pageof the Health Services section of our JWU website.


Tuition Payment

Set up your payment plan with Student Financial Services. It is best to send the tuition payment prior to your child’s financial clearance deadline. This will help prevent holds being placed on your child’s account allow them to move on campus (if applicable) and will allow your child to begin classes on time. We do not recommend that your child arrive with large amounts of cash. Payments can be made via wire transfer or credit card. Please refer to the Student Acceptance Guide for payment plan options.



If your child chooses to live in the Residence Hall, please be sure the $300 reservation fee is paid online and an online housing application is completed. The housing application can only be completed when the University receives the reservation fee.


Off-Campus Housing Assistance

Most students can find and move into an apartment within two days of their arrival. Students will decide which apartment best meets their needs and sign the lease with the landlord or rental agency. The University will not be involved in the signing of a contract or a lease. A lease is strictly between the student and the landlord or rental agency.


Travel Plans/Hotel Accommodations

Please email or fax to us your child’s travel plans. Hotel accommodations will be arranged once the travel plans are sent to us. Our fax number is 305-892-5329 and our email is Tasmaine.Coleman@jwu.edu. It is very important that your child arrives on the recommended arrival dates. Please refer to the Student Acceptance Guide for the arrival dates.


Student Acceptance Guide

Please refer to your child’s Student Acceptance Guide for all detailed pre-arrival information, necessary forms, and emergency telephone numbers.

International Admissions Office


Fax 305-892-5329